Maharishi Purusha CapitalSM for the Western World

Maharishi established the Purusha CapitalSM in 2007 as a permanent home for the Maharishi Purusha Program. The first piece of land was purchased in 2008, construction began a year later, and the first group arrived in December of 2011. Maharishi spent a great deal of time planning the buildings and establishing the goals and purposes of the Capital. Every aspect of the Purusha Capital was designed for maximum comfort and rapid development of higher states of consciousness.

Currently we have 15 residential buildings for Purusha and staff. We also have 29 rooms for World Peace Assemblies, Taste of Purusha courses, and the Creating Coherence Course. Our central dining hall and kitchen serves delicious meals prepared by our staff.

With over 400 acres, we have room to build for many more Purusha, with the eventual goal of having 800 Purusha at the Capital.

For more information on the Maharishi Purusha Capital, or to donate to the Purusha Capital Building Fund, please visit PurushaCapital.org.

Silent Administration of Natural LawSM

An important purpose of the Purusha Capital is to enliven the Silent Administration of Natural Law throughout the world and to inspire the creation of new Purusha groups everywhere. To help accomplish these goals Maharishi established a program for 192 Purusha to take responsibility for enlivening Natural Law in one of the 192 countries of the world through their silent attention on the country. In addition, as more facilities are constructed at the Purusha Capital, guests will come from all around the world and this will help to inspire the creation of a group of Purusha in every country. Purusha Computer Masters at the Capital will display information on the countries for Purusha to put their attention on and thereby enliven the Silent Administration of Natural Law in each country.

Courses for Men

In a unique atmosphere of Himalayan spirituality combined with American standards of comfort, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Come and enjoy the wonderful oasis of serenity, bubbling bliss and rising waves of Enlightenment created by Purusha.

Our course participants have commented on how quickly they settle into a deeper level of pure silence and bliss consciousness, the growth they experience during their stay, and how this carries into activity after returning home. The joy of dining with old and new friends, the wonderful videos of Maharishi, the pure mountain air and the long practice of the TM® and TM-Sidhi® programs all contribute to create an unforgettable experience of rejuvenation and a blossoming of higher states of consciousness.

For more information on courses, including our course schedule and to apply, please visit PurushaCourses.org.

Creating Coherence for America and Washington, DC

The establishment of the Maharishi Purusha Capital near the nation’s capital brings fulfillment to Maharishi’s formula for creating coherence and invincibility in America through a group of 2000 Yogic Flyers in Fairfield, Iowa, and a complimentary group practicing Yogic Flying near our nation’s capital to create coherence for the government. By awakening the home of all the laws of nature through group practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program, we invoke the evolutionary power of nature to create peace, happiness and Enlightenment in ourselves and in society.

How You Can Support Us
The Purusha Sponsorship Program

The Maharishi Purusha Program relies on donations to support our creating coherence activities around the world. Whether you know someone on the Purusha program or not, your support is very much appreciated. We accept donations by check, credit card, and automatic withdrawal from your bank account. If you would like to donate on a one-time basis, or though our automatic monthly donation program, please visit our donations page.



Maharishi Vastu Architecture
Maharishi Vastu® Architecture

Our buildings are newly constructed according to Maharishi Vastu architecture, the ancient science of building in accord with Natural Law, which promotes health, harmony, peace and abundance for those living in the buildings.  All guests will be provided with a spacious single room.

Rooms interior design
Rooms interior design and architecture

Rooms are designed for your maximum comfort and are tastefully furnished with solid wood furniture and wool carpeting. The special “passive house” design features energy efficient walls and windows which create a comfortable, silent environment, and a silent energy recovery ventilation system provides constant fresh air. These features enhance the experience of deep silence and physical comfort.

Single rooms with views
Single rooms with mountain and valley views

All rooms have commanding east facing views of the rising sun and the valley below. Each room has a private bathroom, and telephone and internet connections.

Dining facility
Dining facility

All meals are prepared according to the principles of Maharishi AyurVeda® from natural organic ingredients.